what about abstinence pledges?

In recent years, pledges of virginity or abstinence, such as ” No sex until marriage, ” have become popular among youths. These pledges reflect commendable goals and are in harmony with Bible commands. However, their effectiveness is debatable. According to one survey, about 60 percent teens broke their pledge within a year.

In addition, there is concern over just how some youths define “abstinence” and “virginity”. “The rise of oral sex, even anal sex, has been linked by experts to kids wantng to stay ‘technically’ virgins. They decide anything that’s not intercourse isn’t sex.

Evidently, that view is widespread. After interviewing more than a thousand teenagers. It seemed like maybe one or two in a hundred considered oral sex to be sex. We should realize hoe teen-and probably even preteen-thinks….

what do you think?


1 Puna

  1. it’s so sad that most of our teenagers today are no longer very careful about losing their virginity. maybe it is just with the high tech way of life that human values tend to change.

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