How to be CRAZY ?

Getting started:
Going crazy is actually very easy – all you need to do is to stop thinking the way everybody else is thinking and come up with some original thoughts.

Everybody else will immediately think you have gone crazy.

Well, of course, unless you express your original thoughts by creating something that might be understood as art. In this case people will assume that you are an artist. But on the other hand because artists are widely considered to be crazy you’ll end up getting it right anyway.

So there’s really nothing to it. Getting crazy is a piece of cake. Believe me – I’ve done it a number of times.

Staying crazy:
Now here’s when things get difficult. For some odd reason other people hate it if someone is acting crazy – it really bugs them. So they will immediately start to guide you back to being normal. And they’ll use any means availaible – first they’ll persuade you gently “to just think like everybody else is thinking”. But if that doesn’t help then they will gradually start to get more serious about turning you back into “normal”. In fact it gets pretty nasty from here on. They’ll pump you full of drugs, lead high voltage through your head and eventually turn you into a pumpking. This of course means that they have succesfully cured you because pumpkins sure as hell don’t think originally and therefore can’t be crazy either, can they ?

I really don’t know why people think it is so terribly dangerous to be crazy – maybe it’s written down somewhere in that really old book, whose name I cannot remember at he moment… You know – the one that has lots of weird and obsolete rules and commands in it. And a lot of things about wars and killing in the name of some old fellow with a beard. Oh yes: The bible, that’s what it’s called – I remember it now. But let’s forget fairy tails and bed time reading for a while and get back to business, i.e. staying crazy succesfully…

The trick of course is to BE CRAZY WITHOUT SHOWING IT. And this is very difficult indeed. When you are dealing with other people you have to act as if you were just like them – normal. Simple you might think ? You guessed wrong…Let me tell you why:

You have to constantly look out for two major mistakes. First one, the one that most beginners in being crazy make, is that they pay too much attention to acting normal and gradually stop being crazy and end up being normal. This of course means a total failure as far as being crazy is considered, not to mention that the effort of getting crazy in the first place gets waisted and you have to start everything from the beginning again.

The other common mistake is consentrating too much on being crazy and accidently showing signs of craziness in front of people. All you need to do is to slip out something that people find difficult to understand. Something like “I would like to do this just because there isn’t a reason not to do it” or “Have you ever stopped to think that there are no reasons at all for our existance except the ones that we have made up ourselves ?”. Oh boy – you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Well, unless you are extremely lucky and the person you are talking to is also trying to be crazy. If this is the case you’ll probably get away with it because the other person is consentrating so much on not to show that he/she is trying to be crazy that they won’t have the time to notice that you slipped out something unusual. But this happens very rarely because, lets face it, being crazy is a very underrated sport with few serious enthusiasts.

So most likely the person you are talking to is just an average Joe thinking the average way – at least up to the point when you slip out something that strikes odd to him/her. This will naturally get his/hers thoughts all messed up for a while and places you under immmediate suspicion. However, responding very quickly to your own mistake might still save the situation. Trying to pass the whole thing as a funny joke is definitely recommed: Make a big grin, laugh at yourself and mumble something about the three men in a falling aeroplane with only two parashutes. Absolutely anything (exept other unusual thoughts) will do. Just get the other persons mind of your “slip”. Make him feel comfortably about forgetting that odd idea you brough up and you’ll get away scot free. This might take some practice but eventually you will get the hang of it and thereby you’ll need to pay less attention on acting normal and consequently have more time to concentrate in being crazy. So practice indeed is the key to success in the field of craziness just like it is in football or alpine skiing.

So you have succeeded in being crazy for a longer period of time – what’s the point of it ?
Being crazy is actually very good for you. In more ways than one might think. First of all you don’t have to worry about going crazy – you already are. Pieceful mind is guaranteed. And there’s lots more. For once you don’t have to stress about being so succesfull – You are crazy, remember ? Crazy people don’t usually do that well in life so no matter how badly you perform you don’t need loose any sleep over it. And you can always feel good about the fact that you have succeeded in being crazy. After all that is not an easy task while considering all those problems involved with it.

And last but not the least:

World will finally make some sense for you. Everybody is always saying that things are going crazier /1/ day by day so if you manage to go along and be crazy, everything is going to look quite locigal to you and you’ll end up worring a lot less about the world and instead spend more time being happy with it. And you should also keep in mind that being crazy is absolutely free of cost. No expensive club memberships or equipment are needed. So one could really say that going crazy is for everyone. And to top it off it’s even safe on the enviroment.

So try it out – go CRAZY !


4 mga puna

  1. dumudugo ilong ko ah…. di ko kinaya… whew!

  2. hihihi o diba an dali maging baliw?!!!

  3. oi. baka meron kang ym. add moko.

  4. na add na po kita yun ba yung sawntseker?

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