Do you want an instant baby?!


Imagine all the delicate realism of a real infant that almost cradle in one hand! That’s Tiny Miracle Emmy-the first so Truly Real baby doll ever created in a truly amazing 10-inch size. This unique baby doll is inspired creation of brilliant doll artist Lina Webb..and so true life, she really is a “tiny miracle.”

Tiny Miracle emmy has a very feature of a So Truly Real baby doll. From her RealTouch vinyl skin (an exclusive formula), to her soft curled, micro-rooted hair, wispy eyelashes, and tiny hand-painted fingernails and toenails, “Emmy” is so lifelike! Even at her petite size, when you hold her and cuddle her her, she feels almost real.

So ano pang hinihintay nyo? bili na sa malapit na suking tindahan! hehehe


4 mga puna

  1. pareho ba ito nung baby sa movie ni mandy moore na license to wed?

  2. tatanong ko sna kng candy ba ‘to kaya lng nung nbsa ko na vinyl skin…ngee, plastic…sana candy na lng 🙂

  3. %bonnie~~uhm mas maliit yata ng onti to kesa dun sa movie na license to wed eh

    %khonz~~ baka sa susunod gagawa na rin sila ng candy na baby hehehe..


  4. ang cute naman. parang totoo. meron kaya niyan dito sa pinas?

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