What Kind of Kisser are You??

Mahilig akong bumisita sa tickle dahil sa magagandang pagsusulit nila patungkol sa kahit anung aspeto ng buhay. Ang hindi ko lang alam ay kung totoo ba yung mga tests na yun pero halos lahat naman ng mga nakukuhang kong resulta ay tumutugma sa aking personalidad. Isa sa mga kinuha kong pagsusulit ay “What Kind of Kisser are You?”,napag tripan ko lang tingnang kung anu ba yung mga tanong para malaman kung anong klase kang humalik. Tinaos ko yung test na yun at ang resulta ay Playful Kisser daw ako(ahaha kamusta naman yun).

At dahil sa gusto kong malaman kung anu anu pa yung ibang klaseng kisser ay paulit ulit kong sinagutan yung test hanggang sa makuha ko lahat. At ito yung aking mga nakuha:

PLAYFUL KISSER (ako to! hehe)

Talk about freestyle! You’ve got originality points when it comes to kissing. You are probably the type of person who goes with the flow and plants your pecks accordingly as each situation dictates. And why shouldn’t you? The only real important rule is for you to be yourself – and to keep experimenting. If something feels good, you should keep doing it. And especially in lessons of l’amour, there’s no reason to conform.

So pucker up and keep seizing your moments! But before you get all crazy experimenting, sticking your tongue in your partner’s ear, or getting carried away with your little love bites, remember that a kiss is between two people. You don’t want to turn them off while you’re getting turned on. So if that happens, take a deep breath, slow down, and try a little tenderness.


That’s right, you’ve got all the moves. There’s something about your approach to kissing that’s natural, smooth, and ultimately, very charming. You know that to lure your mate you need to play the part – from knowing all the moves to looking pulled together – whatever that means for you.

Some may call you a player, but we know that all the flash and show with which you attract your dates is a cover for what you’re really after – a terrific connection with someone who likes what you have to offer.

You’re more confident than some when it comes to matters of the mouth, which is why you may be used to delivering seriously smoldering smooches. Just remember that while you’re gooooood when you rely on your standbys, a little spontaneity might be even better.


Whew, is it warm in here or is that just you? When it comes to kissing, you get your drive from the lure of romance. For you, it’s more than a meeting of the lips. You appreciate kissing for the rush and for what it symbolizes. Long-stemmed roses, candlelight dinners, and weekend retreats to bed and breakfasts. Sound about your speed?

You’re a kissing partner who can go beyond the sweet surrender of locking lips to discuss the meaning of relationships. To really express yourself, you’re probably one who’s concerned with setting the proper mood. You might light a fire or take your date to a beautiful lookout before cuddling and kissing. You probably like to make a lot of eye contact, gently hug and touch your date, and talk tenderly about your feelings.

While your intentions are pure, your intensity might sometimes be a little overwhelming. Don’t forget that being playful can also be a sign of affection, and remember, sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.


Sure you might be on the shy side as far as kissing goes, but that’s a quality more people than you might think really go for. When you were younger, was it hard for you to talk to new people – especially when it came to someone you were interested in? Yeah, we thought so.

Lucky for you, many people, back then, and now, think that shyness is adorable and a huge turn on. After all, there’s a comfort they get from the feeling that you don’t lock lips with just anyone.When it comes to kissing, you’re probably a little hesitant to try new techniques. Heck, you might even prefer to stick with gentle pecks until your date finally decides to take it further.

While shyness is nice, just remember not to get so anxious you forget to have fun! Know your comfort level, but experiment a little – even if that just means a public display of affection, or we dare you, a nice long kiss – eyes open, lights on!


 Ngayon alin ka sa mga ito?



5 mga puna

  1. depende sa mood. 😀 maganda kung lahat ng kissing styles alam mo, para hindi maumay ang partner mo. diba? diba? dibbbaaaaa?! LOL! 😀

  2. i depenetli agri juji!kase iba iba naman ang moods natin eh, basta in lab kahit saan kahit ano kung gusto mag kiss sige!
    hihihi… nice to be here… kita kits! 😀

  3. playful kisser, ako yan.
    romantic kisser, mas lalong ako yan.
    passionate kisser, ako rin yan e.
    bashful kisser, ….

  4. %jojie~~ hehe tama ka diyan depende rin kasi minsan sa mood yun.heheh

    %ms.banana~~ heheh sige lang ng sige!

    &jervin~~ grabe ikaw lahat yun? mamat sa pagbisita a!


  5. hmm.. malay ko, haha. ^_6

    isisipol ko na lang siguro ito. wahaha. ^_6

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