13 Kinds Of Kisses That Will Leave Women Breathless

Dahil sa bored ako at walang magawa (hay kailan ba ako hindi na bored sa buhay kong ito…) ay nag search ako sa internet ng mga walang makabuluhang bagay hanggang sa napunta ako sa menstuff. Dito ko nakita yung article about “13 Kinds of Kisses That Will Leave Woman Breathless” na gusto ko sanang i share sa inyo, yun e kung gusto niyo lang naman kung ayaw niyo basahin niyo parin heheh(blackmale ito!). Isinalin ko sa tagalog ang iba’t ibang klaseng halik para enjoy hehe( anung konek?)


Shy Kiss (mahiyaing halik)

This is the kind of kiss you should start off with, whether it’s a first date or not. Start off by giving her that look. You know, the kind of look a person gives when they want to kiss you. Look kind of sexy towards her, looking at her lips and deep into her eyes. Give her a devilish, child-like smile. Move your face towards hers slowly, still looking at her lips and eyes. Look for any reaction from her while doing this. Does she want you to kiss her or is it a definite no? Move in closer until you are about two inches from her lips. Now stop for a brief moment and look into her eyes, and then at her lips. Then give her a light kiss on her lips. Move away a couple of inches, no more, and see how she reacts to this? Of course this is the best on those first dates.

Passionate Kiss (masimbuyo sa damdaming halik)

Start off slowly by giving her small, little kisses at the corner of the mouth, and then switching to the other side of the corner, going back and forth, all the while moving closer to the center of her lips. Move slowly and passionately until you are at the center of her lips. Then run your fingertip across her lips and then pucker up and lay one on her, holding her face with both of your hands on the last kiss. The kiss on the center of her lips should last at least thirty seconds. Use your lips to tug on hers and slightly bite on her lips at the same time.

Two other variations to this is to hold the back of the head with just one hand, while using your other hand to hold her cheek. The second variation is to hold her head with both hands so you can massage and scratch her head gently, and to gently pull on her hair, while kissing her. Women love this last variation. Massaging, slow scratching, and especially gently pulling her hair as you are kissing her is something women don’t get from men. Also, rub your cheek up against hers a few times, while still holding her other cheek or the back of her head. This is a must! Try it!

Static Kiss (estatikang halik)

Without touching one another, stand face to face on a rug, and start rubbing your feet across the carpet. Then lean forward and kiss her. I read one lame book on this subject that stated you should do it in the dark, because that way you can see the spark. You can’t see it because of the position your face is in. Pass on that not-thought-out idea.

Open-Mouth Kiss (bukang bibig na halik)

This is a combination of French kissing and opening both of your mouths, pressing them together, and then closing them and puckering at the same time. It’s sort of like closing your mouth around an ice-cream cone and then puckering your lips as you are completing the sucking of the ice cream. But, let her initiate it first, because she may not want to go that far.

Combination Bite And Kiss (kombinasyong kagat at halik)

Bite her neck, jawbone and ears, while kissing at the same time. Use your teeth to gently pinch her skin, breathing softly on her skin and ears at the same time, especially her ears. Biting can be very sensuous for her, so make sure you do a lot of this.

Tease-Her Kiss (mapanuksong halik)

Start by using the tip of your index finger and slightly run it across her lips and cheeks. Then put your face a couple of inches from hers and just stare into her eyes, gazing around her hair and face for about 10 seconds. Talk with your eyes. Then slightly kiss her on the lips. Repeat the step. This time give her two small kisses. Then grab her face, cup it in your hands and lay a big one on her for about 30 seconds, without moving your lips. Just remain motionless.

Eye Kiss (halik sa mata?)

Give her a kiss on her eye, and then slowly kiss the other. This will give her a warm feeling. Yet another kiss men don’t do. So she will love this also.

Eskimo Kiss (mala eskimong halik bwahahah)

Kiss like an Eskimo by kissing with a lot of small pecks all over her face, at the same time rubbing your nose up against hers, going side to side and up and down.

Ear Kiss (halik sa tenga?)

Kiss and slightly nibble her ears, breathing on them slightly at the same time. Use your tongue to trace around her ear. Suck on her ear lobes, because she especially loves that! Tell her that you love her ears. Make sure your breath hits her ear as you are saying this. As for the tongue in her ear…well, since most women don’t like it, it’s best to stay away from doing that one.

Body Kiss (halik sa katawan?)

This is where you use a combination of biting, kissing and licking all the way down her body to her toes. Have her just lay there, naked, with her eyes closed.

Swoon Kiss (nakakahimatay na halik)kamusta naman yun

Tilt her head slightly to the side and cradle her face in one of your hands, while you hold the back of her head with the other.

The Rocking Kiss (rakistang halik)rock and roll hanggang umaga wah!

As both you and your partner’s lips are still touching, rock your heads from side to side, letting your noses rub against each other. You rock your head to the left, as she rocks hers to the right, going from side to side.

Upside-Down Kiss (taas babang halik)

This is a totally different kind of kiss because it confuses our brain. Our brain isn’t use to the position our heads are in when kissing. Try it, and you will see what I mean. It’s something totally new, and something she may not have experienced before.

French Kiss (prens kiss? ahihihihih)

According to some women, many of their past dates/boyfriends didn’t know how to properly French kiss. Never mind the kissing. French kissing is not supposed to be sloppy, done fast or putting your whole tongue in her mouth. It should give that person a feeling of ecstasy and excitement. Women, over men love to French kiss, so be prepared to do it properly.

oh? anu pang hinihintay niyo? tara praktis na! wahahahaha


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  8. Natutuwa ako dun sa shy kiss kasi instead na natutuloy yung pagiging romantic ng moment, nasisira kasi bigla na lang ako natatawa…

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